leadership team

The Leadership classes are for the higher belts who demonstrate an interest in becoming future instructors these students become the role models of the school and are trained to help other students by helping them feel welcomed and appreciated. These students developed the discipline, self-control, respect, and patience that all good instructors need.

sparring taekwondo class

This class improves concentration, timing, distance, and other important aspects of Taekwondo sparring.  This is one of the most important classes to improve self defense as it is a more realistic type of practice against an opponent.

children belt level classes

These classes are intended for children between the ages of 7 to 12 years old and those who have exited our pewee classes.  The instructors practice test forms, self defense steps, kicking combinations, and breaking techniques.  These  activities combined improve their form, focus, and concentration while building flexibility, power, and stamina. The more advanced classes incorporate spinning, turning, and jumping kicks 

Delta Team

The Delta and Leadership classes are for the higher belts who demonstrate an interest in becoming future instructors or want to be involve in demonstrations. The Delta team focus is on advanced kicks and acrobatics that are put together in stunt like forms and self defenses.  We have participated in the Hispanic Parade, middle and elementary school demonstrations, Shea stadium in New York among other venues along with a performance in Time Square.

juniors & adult classes

This is a much more demanding class with the emphasis on physical conditioning, flexibility and endurance.  The students go through a demanding warm up and stretching followed by kicking techniques and different kicking and punching combinations.

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Pewee 3 to 6 years old

The focus on these classes and to improve balance, coordination, and concentration while preparing the students to move to the children's belt level classes.  The instructor utilizes a series of drills, exercises, and activities that keep these young children engaged and motivated.